Fururiva Assist for job hunting support for foreigners, support for foreign human resource development, and Japanese global human resource development
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Business Contents
Employment consulting for foreigners,
Human resource development and organizational reform
Project management work
We listen to the questions and concerns of companies that are considering hiring foreigners and companies that have already hired foreigners, and provide personnel, recruitment, education, training, business improvement, and organizational reform according to the situation and needs of each company. We will make proposals from various angles.
Employee education, specialized training for foreigners, Japanese lessons
We have a training program specifically for foreigners. There is also training that Japanese and foreign employees can receive together. We will customize and propose the number of people, the number of years of service of the employees, the training period, the budget, etc. We also offer online private lessons tailored to each employee. Please feel free to contact us
online career support
We provide online support services for students aiming to work in Japan. We offer career guidance, business etiquette, and business Japanese lessons. It is a service that he can also use for working people. Anyone can feel free to use it, and we will support you to eliminate your anxiety and dissatisfaction about working in Japan and further career advancement.
Company Profile
Education & Training, Hiring non-Japanese, HR development, Organizational reform, ES improvement – We support your organization from various angles for diversified society.
Voices of participants
  • It was good because the material was easy to read and the teacher’s explanation was polite and easy to understand. There is nothing in particular that I would like to see improved.
  • Since I did a lot of group work, I thought it would be good to have a practical class. I also thought it would be interesting to hear other people’s opinions.
  • Group activities are fun, so I want them to continue.
  • The good thing was that we were able to share our opinions among the small number of people in the group work.
Human growth creates the future
At FruRiver Assist, we focus on HR development. We are looking for people who have a passion and an active participation in various works. We also welcome people with language skills. We are looking for full time staffs, part time staffs, and also online career supporters.
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