健康サポートのお話し その③

健康サポートのお話し その③


1. 初診(First Visit)
Please be sure to bring your public insurance card at your first visit. (You have to pay all the medical cost by yourself without medical insurance. Even if you are a policyholder, in case you don’t show the insurance card, you have to pay all the cost by yourself first.)
You may also be asked to show your ID at the reception desk.
Bring a reference from other University hospital or general Hospital‘s doctor if you have one.

2.再診(Return Visit)
・Please go to the relevant department direct in time.
・Show your patient ID card and wait your turn.
・(DO NOT forget your patient ID card , or you may not have consultation without it.)

・外国人患者受け入れ医療機関認証制度(japan medical service accreditation for international patients),,
・観光庁(Japan Tourism Agency). 具合が悪くなったときに役立つガイドブック 医療機関の利用ガイド
(Guidebook for when you are feeling ill Guide for using medical institutions)

・AMDA国際医療情報センター 医療機関の各窓口で戸惑わないように.,2020.2.12.


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