Business Manner in Japan

Each country has different rules for business manner.
In Japan, we value “politeness”.

We start with bow and ends with bow.

If you are meeting with customer or any business partners,
you should bow and say, ” Osewani natte orimasu”, followed by saying something like,

“kyou ha oisogashii naka makotoni arigatougozaimasu”.

If you can bow and say such words, your conversation/negotiation will go smoothly.

After the meeting, do not forget to bow again.
Below are sample phrases you may use when leaving the office.
“kyou ha kichou na ojikan wo doumo arigatougozaimasita”
“Mata gorenraku wo sasete itadaki mas. arigatougozaiamsita”

If you need to build a strong relationship with the customers/business partners,
it is better that you send thank you mail as soon as you return to office.

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